Welcome to wedewoba’s documentation!

Wedewoba (web front end development without back end access) is a library and a program to do your HTML, CSS and JS development and testing locally without the need to do a release of any kind.

Wedewoba will load the given URL and replace the content of all loaded files with the content of all matching local files. In a way it will act as a transparent proxy. This way you will have the same browser behavior as if all data is loaded remotely.

Web front end developers

All you have to do is to call wedewoba from your development directory with the given URL:

$ wedewoba your-url.com

Wedewoba will startup a browser window, load the page and replace all file content of all HTML, CSS and JS files it finds in the local directory or subdirectories.

Back end developers

You need complete access to the browser? No problem!

Wedewoba comes with a library which will you give access to the complete browser instance at any point within the loading process. You can easy inject HTML, CSS and javascript. You can access the web page by python-Qt or by javascript. You can search and access page elements with a simple CSS3 selector, get it’s position and/or size and even make a “screenshot” of any part of the webpage.


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